Monacor WAP-5 Waistband Amplifier

Code: WAP-5

Struggling to be heard in the classroom? Then look no further. This beltpack speaker will save your voice, now you can teach without distroying your vocal chords


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The Monacor WAP-5 Waistband Amplifier with Line Input will fill any space with your voice. An ideal solution for lecturers, trainers and any one else who wants to make themselves heard.

Its adjustable waist strap will give you the freedom to roam while you speak, and adjust your controls on the fly. You could even use the additional input to play music or any other audio your heart desires. Easily keep it ready for last minute conferences with rechargeable batteries and the included plug-in charger.

  • Electret headset microphone with high sensitivity included
  • For mobile universal voice applications such as B. at lectures and training courses, sporting events, sales events
  • With adjustable shoulder strap
  • 7 W amplifier with volume control
  • Additional line input (3.5 mm jack) for external audio sources such as B. MP3 player
  • Battery / rechargeable battery operation, the optional rechargeable batteries are charged using the plug-in charger provided and without removing the rechargeable batteries
  • Operating time with full batteries approx. 6-8 hours
  • Power supply DC 9 V (6 x AA batteries)
  • Delivery without batteries / rechargeable batteries
  • When operating with batteries, do not connect the plug-in charger to the voice amplifier!
Dimensions 190 x 90 x 55 mm Weight 290 g
Power supply via enclosed power supply or 6 x AA batteries Connections 1 x 3.5 mm jack (mic), 1 x 3.5 mm jack (line)
Nominal power (P RMS ) 7 W (mains operation), 6 W (battery) Output power, total 10 W (mains operation), 8 W (battery)
Perm. Operating temperature 0-40 ° C

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