Nord Piano 5 - 88 Note Stage Piano with Grand Weighted Action

Code: NOR0009

The Nord Piano 5 88 is a professional stage piano with 88 keys, the perfect blend of power, versatility, and authentic playing feel.


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The Nord Piano 5 88 Stage Piano is the ideal compact stage instrument. With the combination of a premium Triple Sensor keybed and Nord's exclusive Virtual Hammer Action Technology, the portable Nord Piano 5 delivers an exceptional playing experience. Building on the success of previous versions, Piano 5 has a fully expanded design including double the onboard memory as well as rich new sounds.


  • Virtual Hammer Action Technology: Nord's revolutionary technology replicates the authentic feel of a grand piano, allowing for nuanced and expressive playing at any velocity.
  • Triple Sensor Keybed: This premium keybed offers exceptional responsiveness and captures every detail of your playing technique.
  • Dual Piano Engines: Layer two independent pianos for rich, complex soundscapes.
  • Enhanced Sample Synth: Explore a world of sonic textures with two dedicated Sample Synth sections featuring Unison and Tru-Vibrato for unparalleled realism.
  • Expanded Memory: Store twice as many sounds from the vast Nord Piano Library and Sample Library, ensuring you have the perfect sound for any musical situation.
  • Advanced Layering: Combine pianos and samples seamlessly to create unique and inspiring sonic combinations
  • Seamless Transitions: Switch between sounds flawlessly, without any unwanted dropouts, perfect for live performances.
  • OLED Display: Get a clear overview of your settings with the bright and informative OLED display.
  • Creative Piano Timbre Options: Explore a range of effects, including the dynamic Dyno filter, to shape your piano sound to your taste.
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise: Experience the subtle nuances of pedaling with the Nord Triple Pedal (included).
  • Advanced String Resonance: Recreate the natural sympathetic vibrations of an acoustic piano for an even more realistic playing experience.
  • High-Quality Effects: Shape your sound with a suite of classic stompbox-inspired effects, lush reverb with various modes, and versatile delay.
  • Sample Synth Controls: Fine-tune your samples with filters, Tru-Vibrato, Unison mode, and dedicated attack, decay/release, and dynamic controls.
  • OLED Display
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Split Point Crossfades
  • 16 banks with 25 programs - 400 locations
  • Organize functionality for programs
  • Live Mode - 5 Live programs
  • Global Transpose: +/- 6 semitones
  • Program Transpose: +/- 6 semitones
  • Fine-tune: +/- 50 Cents
  • Kbd Touch: 3 velocity response curves
  • Triple Sensor keybed with Virtual Hammer Action Technology
  • Split functionality with selectable split point and LED indication
  • Layer functionality
  • Mono Output option
  • Dynamic Sustain Pedal action with the included Nord Triple Pedal
  • Free OS updates

  • 2 independent Layers
  • 6 types - Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos, Digital, Layer, Clavinet and Harpsichord.
  • Each category can contain up to 20 different models.
  • 120 Voice Polyphony (stereo/mono pianos)
  • Piano Timbre feature with Soft, Mid and Bright settings for acoustic pianos. Dyno 1 and 2 options for electric pianos.
  • Layer Detune with 3 amounts
  • Advanced String Resonance (Generation 2) - adjustable amount
  • Selectable Soft Release for Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos and Harpsichord
  • Selectable Pedal Noise for Grand, Upright and Electric Pianos 1 - adjustable amount
  • Octave transpose: -1/+1 (-6/+6 in Split mode, depending on Split position)
  • 0+ Voice Polyphony
  • Amp envelope with Attack and Decay/Release
  • Bright and Soft Timbre options
  • Adjustable Vibrato with 3 Delay options
  • Unison feature with 3 amounts
  • Selectable velocity sensitive low pass filter and dynamic range
  • Octave transpose: -1/+1 (-6/+6 in Split mode, depending on Split position)
  • Volume controllable with Volume Pedal (not included)
  • Approx. 2 GB dedicated to the Nord Piano Library
  • Approx. 1 GB dedicated to the Nord Sample Library
Effect 1
  • Pan, Tremolo, Wah and Ring Modulator
  • Three selectable depths for the Pan and Tremolo, rate controlled with the Effect 1 Rate knob
  • Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah can be controlled with Control Pedal
Effect 2
  • Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger, Chorus 1, Chorus 2 and Vibe 
  • Two selectable depths for each effect
Amp Simulations, Comp and EQ
  • Comp/Amp - three amp/speaker simulations, Tube Overdrive
  • Drive/Compression amount controlled with the Drive knob
  • Three band EQ, with sweepable mid. +/- 15 dB gain/attenuation
  • Global mode for EQ
  • Delay Effect with Rate, Amount and Tap-tempo controls
  • Ping-Pong mode
  • Global mode
Master Effects
  • Dedicated Reverb with Booth, Room, Stage, Hall and Cathedral algorithms. Dark/Bright settings and optional Chorale modulation effect.
  • 2 Audio outputs L & R - ¼", 6,35 mm jacks, unbalanced
  • 1 Monitor input - 1/8", 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • 1 Headphone output - ¼", 6,35 mm stereo jack
  • 1 Sustain Pedal input - ¼", 6,35 mm jack. Use the included Nord Triple Pedal or a momentary pedal.
  • 1 Volume Pedal input - ¼", 6,35 mm TRS stereo jack. Use a Control/Expression pedal like e.g. Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5 etc.
  • MIDI In, MIDI Out - 5 pin DIN connectors
  • USB - type B connector - for transferring sounds and USB-MIDI
  • IEC C14 power connector
  • Nord Piano 5 88: 1287 mm (50.7"), 342mm (13.4"), 120mm (4.7")
  • Nord Piano 5 88: 18,5 kg (40.1 lbs)
  • Nord Triple Pedal 
  • User Manual
  • Power cord
  • Nord Piano Monitor
  • Nord Keyboard Stand V2
  • Nord Soft Case
  • Nord Music Stand
  • Dust Cover

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