PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio - 25th Anniversary Edition


The PreSonus Audiobox 96 Studio Bundle is comprised of the AudioBox USB Interface, M7 condenser, HD7 headphones This Studio bundle is ideal for all musicians.


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Celebrating 25 years of PreSonus. The PreSonus Audiobox 96 Studio, 25th Anniversary Edition is an all-in-one studio recording package, giving you everything you need to capture studio-grade recordings. The Audiobox 96 Studio Bundle is comprised of the AudioBox USB Interface, and Studio One Artist Software. This 25th anniversary edition features a sleek black finish. At the centre of the package is the AudioBox USB unit, a high-quality USB audio interface delivering exceptional audio quality and zero-latency monitoring. The M7 Condenser Microphone is ideal for capturing vocal and instrument recordings in extreme detail, accompanied by the HD7 Headphones for high-quality monitoring. With its affordable price tag and abundance of high-quality products, the AudioBox Studio bundle is ideal for all musicians.

  • 3 FREE months of Auto-Tune Unlimited
  • Sleek black finish celebrates 25 years of PreSonus
  • AudioBox 96 delivers stunning sound quality
  • M7 condenser microphone provides exceptional clarity
  • High-definition sound from the HD7 headphones
25 years of PreSonus

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the start of PreSonus, this special edition package provides you with everything you need to record, mix, edit and make music. The 25th anniversary edition features a sleek black finish on all the products, providing a refreshing look with this limited run of packages. Get yours while you can.

AudioBox 96 USB Audio Interface

The PreSonus Audiobox 96 is a professional-grade audio interface boasting a sample rate ranging up to 24-bit/96kHz for exceptional audio quality. The result is high-quality audio performance, capturing every nuance from your source inputs. The built-in +48V Phantom Power also allows you to use condenser microphones for studio-grade recordings. The two front-panel combination inputs allow you to capture both vocal and instrument recordings with immense detail.
It’s highly portable design is bus-powered, eliminating the need for a power supply and is streamlined for simplicity. The interface also features high-quality microphone preamps, designed to capture every nuance from your vocal/instrument recordings. It also includes MIDI connectivity as well as a high-level headphone output for private monitoring.

M7 Microphone – capture stunning vocals and record instruments

The M7 Microphone from PreSonus is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. The wide frequency range and high-quality capsule ensure you capture every nuance from your source audio for studio-grade recordings. The premium-grade components allow you to capture vocal performances and music in extreme detail, retaining the natural harmonics that get lost with dynamic microphones. The result is a warm yet airy sound that is ideal for vocal recordings.

HD7 Headphones deliver high-definition audio fidelity

These high-definition studio headphones feature a semi-open design, delivering a punchy bass response with a balanced sound. The extremely accurate midrange and extended treble response, allows you to hear all the subtle overtones when it comes to mixing your music. The high neodymium resolution drivers and precision-tune acoustic chamber all contribute to the exceptional audio fidelity these headphones produce. The lightweight design and comfortable ear-pads minimise listening fatigue and the tough construction ensures optimal durability.

Studio One

The Presonus Studio One Software is a basic version of the Studio One Pro digital audio workstation which can be used to produce high quality audio projects with a variety of audio, virtual instrument and effects tracks. Featuring totally unlimited tracks and a huge range of onboard effects Presonus Studio One Artist delivers an extremely user-friendly interface to allow creation in a quick and ergonomic package.
It’s intuitive and ergonomic layout provides you with a streamlined interface that is easy to use and quick to learn. It features everything you need to record, arrange, edit and mix your audio tracks, with support for most digital audio formats. It boasts unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks and real-time audio editing for in-depth audio processing.

Studio Magic Plugin Suite

The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite is filled with a range of high-quality virtual instruments and mixing processors that are ideal for a range of genres. The plugins include faithful recreations of iconic processors, as well as a classic reverb and cutting-edge plugins.


AudioBox USB®

  • Bus-powered USB audio and MIDI interface
  • Perfect match with Studio One® Artist software for Mac®- and Windows®
  • 24-bit resolution, 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 2 combo mic/instrument inputs with Class A mic preamplifiers
  • 48V phantom power (for included M7 microphone or other condenser microphones)
  • Zero-latency monitoring via internal analog mixer
  • Headphone jack with level control (for included HD7 headphones or other headphones)
  • 1/3U rack-mountable
  • Computer-to-interface connection cable included

Studio One Artist software

  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • Real-time audio time-stretching and resampling
  • Multitrack comping and MIDI editing
  • Transient detection and editing and groove extraction
  • Automatic delay compensation
  • Advanced automation
  • Integrates tightly with Celemony Melodyne
  • Instantly configures to PreSonus® interfaces
  • Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio-, and Core Audio-compliant interfaces
  • 26 Native Effects 32-bit effects and virtual instrument plug-ins
  • 10+ GB of third-party software, loops, and instruments
  • Mac- and Windows-compatible
Studio Magic Plugin Suite

  • Wide range of virtual instruments and effects
  • Ideal for music production, mixing and mastering
  • Includes Analog Lab Lite
  • Refine you tracks with Izotope Neutron Elements

M7 Microphone

  • Large-diaphragm design
  • Captures far more detail than a dynamic mic
  • Mic stand adaptor
  • Phantom-powered via AudioBox USB
  • 9' / 3 m cable included
  • Cloth carry bag included

HD7 Headphones

  • High neodymium resolution drivers
  • Precision-tuned acoustic chamber
  • Extended bass response
  • Built tough to withstand abuse
  • Auto-fit head pads
  • Comfortable and long-lasting ear pads
  • 98" / 2.5m single-side cable
  • Optimized pressure
  • Lightweight construction minimises listening fatigue

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