VSSL SX Series - SX Subwoofer- 350w 10" Wireless Subwoofer


The VSSL SX Subwoofer is the perfect addition to your home theatre system. Experience the power of deep bass and create immersive, cinematic audio!

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VSSL SX Series - SX Subwoofer-  350w 10" Wireless Subwoofer - Built for the VSSL Ecosystem

Experience the heart-pounding power of the VSSL SX Subwoofer, the cornerstone of deep bass in the VSSL SX Series. This versatile subwoofer delivers rich, room-filling sound, taking your home theatre experience to the next level.

  • Feel the difference: The powerful 10" honeycomb fiberglass driver delivers deep, impactful bass for an unforgettable cinematic experience.
  • Adaptable placement: Enjoy flexible placement options with the low-profile design. Choose between a flat or vertical configuration to fit seamlessly into your entertainment space.
  • Effortless integration: Connects wirelessly with the VSSL SX ecosystem for a unified audio experience.
  • Wired or wireless: Utilize the LFE input connector for wired connection to existing soundbars or go completely wireless with the SX ecosystem.
  • Seamless setup: Control and configure the subwoofer through the intuitive VSSL app.
  • Hypex Amplifier: Delivers robust and efficient power for deep, room-filling bass.
  • Dual Acoustic Ports: Enhance low-frequency response for a more impactful listening experience.
  • Adaptable LFE Input: Ensures compatibility with various soundbar configurations.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wirelessly syncs with the SX Series Wireless Speaker and SX Soundbar for a 5.1 Channel surround sound experience in your space!
  • Amplifier:  Class-D digital amplifier
  • Power Supply: Auto-switching 100-240V ~50-60Hz 2 A AC universal input
  • Woofer: 10" Honeycomb
  • Weight: 29.8 lbs
  • Dual Acoustic Ports: Tuned to enhance subwoofer performance
  • Dimensions: L: 21.65" (550mm) x W: 16.96" (431mm) x H: 4.37" (111mm)
  • Freq. Response: 25Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-104°F (0°-40°C
  • All Digital Sound: All filter settings, active EQ, and time alignmentare done digitally through DSP circuitry for zero-loss audio quality and energy
  • Multiple Orientations: Upright in stand (included) or lay flat (built-in rubber feet)
  • EQ: Basic EQ settings
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connects to any SX Soundbar or SX Speaker

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