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Wharfedale MA5220 Integrated Amplifier


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Wharfedale Pro proudly announce the MA5220 Integrated Amplifier. Combining multiple line and microphone inputs, sound processing controls and options for both low impedance and constant voltage outputs the amplifier is a true contender for sound installations demanding a range of audio applications in a simplistic, affordable package.

Multiple Inputs

The MA5220 has a total of 3 line inputs and 2 microphone inputs. For use in sound installations where minimal operation is needed the microphone inputs have ducking controls to auto-adjust the line input level. Using the threshold and reduction controls this can be tweaked from a subtle gain reduction to a complete cut, ideal for important public service announcements. The microphone inputs work with both dynamic and condenser microphones with a phantom power switch on the rear panel.

Multiple Speaker Formations

The amplifier generates 200W RMS per channel, via two secure 5 pin screw lock terminals. The output can be changed from a 4 Ohms to 16 Ohms low impedance output, working as a high performance, high-fidelity amplifier while when the constant voltage output is selected (100v or 70.7v) it can work for long-distance multiple-speaker setups. Additional RCA Phono and 6.3mm Jack outputs offer external connection of other amplifiers or audio devices.

Multiple Inputs

Sufficient sound processing is available on board. Independent high pass (40Hz – 3dB) and low pass (16kHz – 3dB) filters on each channel and a master 2 band EQ enable you to ensure the most efficient operation of your speakers, tweaking the sound for either speech or music. The amplifier also provides sufficient protection with an onboard limiter, with the level highlighted via the 8-segment LED on the front panel. A remote screw lock connector also offers the potential to connect an external potentiometer for additional control over the amplifiers features.


  • Integrated amplifier
  • Ideal for public installation
  • Low impedance ( 4 Ohms / 16 Ohms) operation
  • Constant voltage (100v / 70v line) operation
  • Screw connector outputs
  • Additional line outputs
  • +24v Phantom Power
  • HPF / LPF on each channel
  • 2 Band Master EQ
  • 8-Segment LED for level and protect display
  • Built-in Limiter
  • Adjustable ducking feature
  • Variable speed fan cooling
Dimensions 430mm x 360mm x 86mm Weight 11.2kg / 24.69lbs
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB Signal to Noise Ratio >85dB
EQ Bass +/- 10dB at 100Hz; Treble +/- 10dB at 12kHz Inputs 3 x RCA Phono, 2 x 6.3mm Jack
Outputs 2 x Screw Terminal, 1 x RCA Phono,2 x 6.3mm jack Crosstalk >73dB
Phantom Power 24v Power 2 x 200W RMS
Filter HPF 60Hz +/-3dB; LPF 16Hz +/-3dB Display 8 Segment LED
Input Impedance 10k Ohms (line unbalanced); 600 Ohms (microphone) Protection Limiter, Fan Cooling
Operation 4 Ohms low-impedance, 110v / 70.7v Ducking Control Threshold / Reduction
Remote Control Range @ -45dB

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